Not too far from Como Lake, there’s this place named “Balcone d’Italia” which is actually a huge balcony (panoramic terrace) built on the top of Mount Sighignola at the border between Italy and Switzerland.

The view is simply breathtaking! Looking out from the balcony you can enjoy the amazing view on the very steep side of the mountain wich falls straight 1000m down into Lake Ceresio (Lugano) and, on clear days, it is possible to admire the alpine peaks over 4000 m high of Monte Rosa 4.634 m and Monte Cervino (Matterhorn) 4.478m.

Sighingola is a popular destination for a half-day trip for the locals and on the way back to Lake Como, trhough Val d’Intelvi and its villages, there’s a lot of restaurants were you can have a traditional lunch in good company.


View from Mount Sighignola (Picture from my friend Valeria)

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